Amara Studios is your premier destination for upscale vintage clothing in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Nestled in the vibrant Bay View neighborhood, our boutique is located on the first floor of The Hide House, where we invite you to experience a curation of vintage that focuses on bringing effortless ease and East-coast edge to the midwest.

At Amara Studios, we believe that style is a deeply intimate part of our lives, and that our collection of one of a kind pieces embodies true self expression, authenticity, and idiosyncrasy. Drawing inspiration from iconic “model off duty” looks, cult 90’s runway, and New York City street style, we seek to offer pieces that feel modern, luxurious, versatile, and approachable. 

Step into our meticulously designed retail space and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of refined sophistication. We almost guarantee you’ll love it. See you soon. 


Madelyne & Sheila

Clothing is a deeply integral part of how we choose to express ourselves. 

When you choose to shop secondhand, you also choose to develop the relationship you have with your wardrobe. Through carefully selecting your next piece, you’re also rejecting to participate in the ultra fast clothing culture that degrades any pragmatic sensibilities. When the reality is that 73% of clothing ends up in a landfill and only 1% is recycled into new clothing, it is imperative we make mindful choices when shopping. 

By thoughtfully handpicking each of our garments, we aim to only offer items made from premium textiles such as silk, linen, cashmere, cotton, and leather. Through this, we only source clothing we believe in and know will transcend any quick trend. 

We take the work out of making exceptional choices by curating exceptional garments. 

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